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Is It Spring Yet?

By now, everyone is pretty much done with the Holidays. Understandable - if you're and adult. But if you are a child, the magic of the Season remains. Oh, there's lot of grownup reasons that the glitter that once sparkled so brightly for us has tarnished; more responsibility, more to do, less time to do it... all of it true, but hang on.  Who's driving this bus we call "OUR life"?  

Let's try to re-frame our view before 2017 gets here and see if we can't recapture a little bit of that child-like awe. How do we do that? Well, when was the last time you had a goal? Not just a business goal, or a make more money goal, but a genuine, outside-the-lines personal goal that brings you Joy?

It's okay if it's been awhile. It has been for most people. We're pretty busy, ya know. But today, sit down with a cup of hot something and with pen or pencil in hand and a sheet of paper, start writing down all the things that you would love to do, love to accomplish by the end of 2017. Be wild about this like a child.  Maybe you want to learn to play guitar, maybe you want to travel to a distant land, maybe you want to buy a new home, a car, whatever it is that gives you the "goosebumps" of happiness when you think about it and write it down and then read it every day; once in the morning and then again just before you go to bed.

I know a lot of you have heard about doing this, right? "Whatever You Think About, Comes About!" And that is true IF... IF... you put in the Action that is required to make it come true.

Think of it this way. You're a kid. You want a new bike for Christmas.  What do you have to do? !) Get on Santa's Nice List. 2) Figure out a way to do that: chores, be helpful, do good in class, don't do stuff your mom told you not to do. 3) keep doing it!  Then Christmas morning, guess what? NEW BIKE!

As a kid, we think about what we want in our life every single day. As an adult we spend a boatload of time thinking about what we DON'T want in our life and that's bass-akwards thinking!

You were meant to Thrive in your lifetime and expand the Joy around you by accomplishing those things that you desire to do and do well.  

Remember: Extraordinary Life happens when we take Action to make it so. We're driving our own bus... where do you want to go?

Happy New Year Everyone

Extraordinary Health = Extraordinary Life... Choose Extraordinary, Choose to Thrive!