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Create A Day of Power

One of my FaceBook friends, GEORGE LONE ELK, put up an empowering post this morning, a new once-a-week series of posts he has committed to doing and entitled them, "Turn It Up Tuesday Shout Out!", and he's kicked it off with the following:

"Got to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to those who get up and take care of business EVERY DAY. Those who continue to push forward for better things in life. Those who stay focused on their ambitions and goals.  Those who keep their dreams alive. Those who understand that to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself. Those who push towards their vision with hard work, determination and dedication. Those that are making the impossible possible and those who simply BELIEVE in something greater than themselves!"

He finished this off with hash-tagging: #QuitWhinning #AndLetsRoll 

I'm going to turn this into a morning mantra so as to center myself in my own beliefs, bolster my courage to face the challenges I have and to remind myself of all those I serve as a chiropractor. We all have dreams and aspirations and part of what I love to do is to encourage people to aspire to reach for their dreams.

If you have your own daily morning matra, awesome. If you don't feel free to copy this one if you'd like. I know George would be honored. Make one up if you feel inspired. 

Tell me how it helps you, changes you, inspires you. Your mind is a powerful, powerful tool to tap into in order to guide your life in the direction YOU want.

Have an Extraordinary Day and THRIVE!

Thanks George!