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  • Better Health & Wellness Begins A New Chapter
    Welcome everyone, to our Blog-Log! In the coming months we are going to provide information about health that you can actually use - none of this cut-and-paste from another source Read more
    We hear it at the end of every year.  The question asked is, "what are your New Year resolutions?" And frankly... 98.2% of us groan when asked.  Why do we Read more
  • I Didn't Know!
    "I Didn't Know!" Have you ever heard a loved one say this at the doctor's office?  Or did YOU say it - "Holy cow, I didn't know I was that bad!" Read more
  • What Will 2017 BE Like?
    What Will 2017 Be Like? What a question, right?  I can tell you this for certain;  2017 is likely  going to be quite different than anything we have experienced before.  I absolutely believe Read more
  • Is It Spring Yet?
    By now, everyone is pretty much done with the Holidays. Understandable - if you're and adult. But if you are a child, the magic of the Season remains. Oh, there's Read more
    THE FAMILY THAT GETS ADJUSTED TOGETHER, IS A HEALTHIER FAMILY! It's a fact and in today's ever increasing stress-making events and situations, it is critical that everyone, from the youngest Read more
  • Create A Day of Power
    One of my FaceBook friends, GEORGE LONE ELK, put up an empowering post this morning, a new once-a-week series of posts he has committed to doing and entitled them, "Turn It Up Read more
    For those of you old enough to remember, this was the title of a movie from 1965 staring Peter Sellers and Peter O'Toole, written and directed by Woody Allen.  A Read more
    YOU DO WHAT? Someone once asked... "What do Chiropractors do... exactly? "Well...", I said, "that's a great question. This could take some time, but if you really want to know, sit back, (take Read more