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    YOU DO WHAT? Someone once asked... "What do Chiropractors do... exactly? "Well...", I said, "that's a great question. This could take some time, but if you really want to know, sit back, (take Read more
    For those of you old enough to remember, this was the title of a movie from 1965 staring Peter Sellers and Peter O'Toole, written and directed by Woody Allen.  A Read more
  • Create A Day of Power
    One of my FaceBook friends, GEORGE LONE ELK, put up an empowering post this morning, a new once-a-week series of posts he has committed to doing and entitled them, "Turn It Up Read more
    THE FAMILY THAT GETS ADJUSTED TOGETHER, IS A HEALTHIER FAMILY! It's a fact and in today's ever increasing stress-making events and situations, it is critical that everyone, from the youngest Read more
  • Is It Spring Yet?
    By now, everyone is pretty much done with the Holidays. Understandable - if you're and adult. But if you are a child, the magic of the Season remains. Oh, there's Read more
  • What Will 2017 BE Like?
    What Will 2017 Be Like? What a question, right?  I can tell you this for certain;  2017 is likely  going to be quite different than anything we have experienced before.  I absolutely believe Read more
  • I Didn't Know!
    "I Didn't Know!" Have you ever heard a loved one say this at the doctor's office?  Or did YOU say it - "Holy cow, I didn't know I was that bad!" Read more
    We hear it at the end of every year.  The question asked is, "what are your New Year resolutions?" And frankly... 98.2% of us groan when asked.  Why do we Read more
  • Better Health & Wellness Begins A New Chapter
    Welcome everyone, to our Blog-Log! In the coming months we are going to provide information about health that you can actually use - none of this cut-and-paste from another source Read more