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Meet the Doctors


Hello and thank you for considering Thrive Chiropractic.  Perhaps you are searching for answers to some health challenges that just don’t seem to be getting any better. Or maybe there's something that's getting worse. Or it might be, there’s a challenge affecting a member of your family.  It could also be that you want to take the health you now enjoy and make it even better. In any case, we are here to serve your needs in moving towards experiencing extraordinary health so you too can lead an extraordinary life!


We have been serving our community since 1995 after graduating Cleveland Chiropractic, Los Angeles in 1988 – in fact, Dr. Laura and I met and fell in love while students at Cleveland Chiropractic College. For us, Thrive Chiropractic and every practice member, is like family to us – we are honored by the trust of all those we see.


There is an old and wise saying that goes, “As The Twig Is Bent, So Grows The Tree.”  The “bend” this addresses can occur at the birth process itself and at any time along those growing years. Dr. Laura specializes in correcting those “bends” and has a thriving pediatric practice as well as seeing mommies-to-be, to help insure that whatever might negatively affect mommy, has the least effect on baby too. We see a lot of little ones and we are blessed to do so. 


Well, I could go on and on about the benefits of chiropractic care, but my best advice is, come in, see us, and together, we will discover what problems you might be having currently, what you might be facing that have not yet shown-up and of course, what you are doing spectacularly to keep yourself fit and strong!